Hi! I’m Faye. I have been a Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist since 2009 and I have worked with some of the most beautiful women around the UK and also with International clients.  Being a professional Hair and Makeup Artist based in East London and growing up in the heart of Paris, providing my services to clients across 2 of the most famous cities, I have always had an eye to detail and the excitement to achieve an amazing look with hair and makeup to each client I work with is always my aim.

Using some of the top best quality makeup I cater for all skin types and tones. You will have the guarantee that your desired natural flawless look will be achieved with full satisfaction giving you a pleasant and relaxing experience in your own home or in my studios. Not only I will ensure that you look beautiful, but you have the confidence to feel elegant throughout the day.

Through my Love and Passion for Hair, Makeup and Beauty I launched Faye Makeup Academy (FMA) in 2013 and WOW! what an experience it has been! I never imagined today I would have a strong Team of 16 Artists around the UK and it is still growing! It’s been a real journey and sometimes I do pinch myself to remind me that my hobby has now become my business and my day to day job.

Just over 2 years ago as Social Media took off I fell in love with sharing my creativity and connect with the World out there! I have been making Makeup, Beauty, Fashion posts and having over 58 thousands of fans and followers means the world to me. I feel truly lucky that I am able to share everything that I love on these platforms and at the same time still see my Brides and Teach my Art to such amazing aspiring artists. I have also launched my very own LASH RANGE!!!! I am so ecstatic to have come this far in such a short time, it is honestly such a blessing, I love each and every single one of you for making my dreams come true and I cannot wait to share more with you all.

If you want to know anything else about me or WRITE TO ME or if you are new here, I hope you enjoy my work



​Lots of ​Love Faye xxx